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This web site contains many videos of leading historians, reenactors, representatives of native tribes, and other experts on the Lewis and Clark expedition and the land the Corps of Discovery explored. In addition, other videos are available on DVD. The DVD videos provide students with more information on the explorers and the expedition.

The DVD is available to you in the traveling artifacts barrel. To view a copy of the DVD, you'll need to schedule a barrel. Many of the videos on the DVD complement other artifacts in the barrel. They allow students to see the items in use. For example, one video depicts a reenactor using a flint and steel fire-starter kit, while another video depicts him firing a flintlock rifle.

Below are samples of three videos from the DVD. In the first two videos reenactors describe life on the expedition as well as the work that goes into retracing the explorers' path. The third video is a description of Seaman, Meriwether Lewis' Newfoundland dog, who accompanied the Corps on its expedition.

Click on the link to learn about each subject matter.

Image of a reenactor dressed as a boatsman.

Oh captain, my captain!
Click here to view the video.
Click here to read the transcript.

Image of two boatsmen. It took all kinds.
Click here to view the video.
Click here to read the transcript.
Image of a black Newfoundland dog. Explorer's best friend.
Click here to view the video.
Click here to read the transcript.

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