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This project is no longer funded and will not be updated.

Some 200 years ago a band of young frontiersmen and soldiers, led by a couple of experienced military leaders from the Virginia back country, set off on an exploration unrivaled in American history until the country set its sights on the moon a century and a half later.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's mission was to find the fabled Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean from the eastern United States. Their expedition would ultimately find no easy portal connecting East and West, but the new lands they explored, the native peoples they met, the discoveries they made, and the cosmopolitan makeup of their Corps of Discovery all made for a seminal exploration of this new and untamed country.

The Get InSTEP with Lewis and Clark: Exploring the Possibilities web site will let you learn about the famous expedition while also meeting your teaching needs in a variety of areas. You’ll find plenty here to keep you and your students busy:

  • A fun, engaging simulation that lets students tackle problem-based learning
  • Period artifacts that students can touch themselves
  • Technology-driven materials and activities
  • Activities in science, history, geography, and the arts written by teachers
  • Videoconferencing with a Meriwether Lewis reenactor
  • Standards-based curriculum and guides
  • Videos of experts and reenactors
  • Thorough teacher’s kits
  • Complete biography of Corps of Discovery members
  • Links to other Lewis and Clark web sites
  • Tie-in to NASA’s latest explorations, especially Mars missions

Lewis and Clark’s journey offers exciting discoveries for every audience. Enjoy your visit.

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