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A journey some 200 years ago provides the launch point for your needs as a 21st century educator:
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Standards-based curriculum
  • Multisensory, hands-on activities
  • Problem-based learning
  • Multidisciplinary content in four major areas: science, geography, history, and the arts
  • Videoconferencing

Lewis and Clark: Exploring the Possibilities™ features all those benefits and more. This program starts online but there’s much more. Your students will tackle activities inside and outside the class.

Imagine being able to touch, yes, touch, early 19th century artifacts. With the traveling artifacts barrel, your students will feel and smell the hide of a wild animal or sight through a sextant just as Meriwether Lewis and William Clark did on their epic journey.

Or better yet, what would it be like to talk with Meriwether Lewis himself? A historical reenactor who plays the part of Lewis can videoconference with your students and answer their questions as they work to solve an inquiry scenario.

Or how much fun would your students have ground-truthing? This multisensory activity takes them outside the classroom to put their math and geography skills to use. They’ll use technology and remote sensing skills too.

Lewis and Clark: Exploring the Possibilities is designed by the Project InSTEP™ team at the Center for Educational Technologies® at Wheeling Jesuit University. The center is home to the NASA Classroom of the Future™. This program teaches students about Lewis and Clark and their journey as only NASA can.

You can experience this exciting new program in four ways, ranging from an absolutely free option to versions that build on to the many features at a minimal expense.

So make history come alive. Better yet, make learning come alive.

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